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Skydive Ground School

skydive ground school alberta
Let’s start at the very beginning. How does one go about becoming a skydiver and jumping all by oneself? It all begins with your Ground School course.

Ground School consists of a series of lessons, explaining how we actually fly our bodies in the sky, open safely and correctly manage the parachute equipment, and pilot the parachute back to the ground. You will receive parachute training from one or more experienced skydive instructors who will teach you all of the essential skills.

The Ground School program is designed to teach you, in baby steps the basics that you will need to prepare for the jump, exit the plane, remain aware of altitude, free fall in a stable position, do very basic maneuvers, deploy from a stable position at the right time, assess and react to an emergency, fly your canopy and land safely.

Ground school prepares you with the practical knowledge needed to make jumps. The ground school covers training, safety, free fall body position, emergency methods, and canopy (parachute) control.

Please feel free to contact Skydive Red Deer to book your Ground School, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding our safety record or any physical disability issues.

Get Started - Book Your Ground School Today!

Skydive Red Deer is one of the most experienced skydiving centres in Alberta Canada. Our Tandem Masters and Jump Masters have been professionally trained and adhere to the guidelines set forth and regulated by the Canadian Sport Parachute Association.
From the moment you walk onto our Drop Zone, you will feel that you are in for a unique experience.

Thank you for your interest in our skydiving school in Red Deer. With the Rocky Mountains on the West horizon, the scenery is great to see and fun to jump over and just 11 KM from downtown Innisfail Alberta. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact Skydive Red Deer Today!

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Skydive Ground School Red Deer Alberta